Sue Lowday

For Vegetable tanned Hide

  1. Urad tack preparation, available from Lakeland.
  2. Kiwi neutral shoe cream is available from shoe shops and cobblers.
  3. Neats Foot Oil or Mink oil is very useful for softening stiff vegetable tanned leather, however, use with caution. The oil is used to improve water resistance and suppleness however, the colour may darken. The products should be used maybe once a year if the bag is not getting wet too often. I have seen bags become too floppy through overuse. Nevertheless, these are good products and can improve the overall lifespan of the goods dramatically.
  4. For best results apply the oil or cream evenly to the leather with soft cloth. Once the polish has properly dried, simply buff to a shine using a bristle brush.
  5. Scratch marks can be carefully touched up using an appropriately coloured felt pen or permanent marker, then polish.

For Suede

Stains and marks on suede

Most marks on suede can be brushed off with a stiff brush, a damp cloth or sponge. However grease and oil is a problem to remove from suede. Here are a few ways that you can try to tackle grease stains on suede. Try a small area first with caution:

  1. Cover the mark with talcum powder or Fullers Earth and leave over night. The powder will absorb the grease. Brush clean in the morning.
  2. Try making a thick paste of Fullers Earth and a little dry cleaning fluid and rub it into the stain. Leave for a few hours or overnight and brush it all away.
  3. For grease marks round collars. You can buy special suede cleaning cloths that you can rub over marks such as these.